Wax On, Wax Off

Orthodontic wax can be your best friend while you are in braces! Orthodontic wax can help protect your gums, the linings of your cheeks and your lips by creating a comfortable barrier. When to Use Orthodontic wax is great to use when you first get your braces put on, as it help reduce the discomfort Read More

It’s Your Birthday!

I’ll never forget the one time it was one of our patient’s birthdays and we had put together a simple gift for her on the side table.  After the orthodontic adjustment visit was over, we said goodbye and the family left the office.  I turned around and realized that we had forgotten to give our Read More

Ouch! My New Braces hurt! What do I do?

Braces Care 101:  What to expect with new braces Imagine for a moment that you or your child just put on new braces Friday afternoon, you’re super excited but don’t know what to expect!  Will it be painful?  Will my teeth be sore?  For how long?  What’s normal and when should I be concerned?  Calgary Read More