Why an Orthodontist Can Change your Life?

Why an Orthodontist Can Change your Life?Orthodontics lead to a beautiful smile, however, there are far more benefits from orthodontic treatment than you may think! Orthodontic treatment involves changes in the jaw bones, facial bones and even the soft tissues of your mouth, like your lips, can change as your teeth are moved into their new positions. Orthodontic treatment can lead to improved eating experiences, improved oral health, improved aesthetics and  even a brighter, whiter smile.

Improved Eating Experiences

A beautiful straight smile is not the only benefit of orthodontics, a healthy bite can also lead to improved chewing efficiency. Orthodontic treatment allows for your teeth to move into their new positions which means your upper and lower jaw can meet together properly.  You may notice that chewing becomes easier and more comfortable.

Having your teeth in their new positions also makes it easier to keep up your oral health, as flossing and brushing your teeth becomes easier because all your teeth are not overlapping each other. With better oral health there is also less chance of bacteria growing between your teeth.

Enhanced Aesthetics

A straighter, more beautiful smile is one of the most well-known benefits of orthodontic treatment.

Whether your teeth were damaged due to an accident or due to how your teeth grew in, your orthodontist is not going to judge you. Your orthodontist is the best person to help guide you throughout your treatment and keep you on target and on track.   And if you are shy about wearing braces, don’t worry, your orthodontist can use invisible aligners such as Invisalign to straighten your teeth and create a healthy bite!

Brighten You Bite

Orthodontists can do more than create a beautiful healthy bite, many orthodontists also provide teeth whitening services. Teeth whitening is used to correct discoloration of the teeth by removing the brown and yellow staining. The most common methods of teeth whiting are teeth bleaching and laser teeth whitening.

Teeth bleaching is normally an at-home procedure, your orthodontist will create a custom mouth tray just for you or you can also use your clear aligner tray. This mouth tray is a critical component as it ensures the correct amount of whitening solution is used and makes sure that your teeth are properly exposed to the whitening solution.  An at-home whitening session can last for two to three hours depending on your needs and what your orthodontist has instructed for you.

Laser teeth whitening is performed at your orthodontist’s office. Bleach is applied to each tooth and then is warmed up from the laser. This type of teeth whitening is currently the quickest way to whiten teeth. Laser teeth whitening normally are done in 2-4 treatments and take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

Your orthodontist is your trusted specialist when it comes to fixing your bite and improving your smile.  Make sure you trust your smile to an Orthodontist specialist. You won’t regret it!

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