How an Orthodontist Can Change Your Family’s Live

You may already know that an orthodontist can help create beautiful straight smiles, but did you know, there are far more benefits from orthodontic treatment than you may think!

Orthodontic treatment involves changes in the jaw bones, facial bones and even the soft tissues of your mouth, for example, your lips may change as your teeth move into their new positions. 

Improved Eating Experiences

Orthodontic treatment creates healthier bites, which can improve chewing efficiency. Orthodontic treatment also allows for proper alignment between your upper and lower jaws.  You may notice that chewing becomes easier and more comfortable as your treatment progresses.

When teeth are spaced too close together or too far apart it increases the chances of bacteria growing between your teeth. Having your teeth properly aligned improves your oral health because it makes flossing and brushing your teeth easier.

Seven is the Magic Number!

Taking your kids to an orthodontist at an early age can be very beneficial for them as it can lower the potential 

need for surgery or teeth extraction later in life. Seven is the magic number! Seven is the perfect age to visit Marda Loop Braces because Dr. Chen can see how the upper and lower teeth are developing and how the jaw is developing. Dr. Chen can also see at age seven if there might be any potential jaw position problems in the future.

Enhanced Aesthetics

A straighter, more beautiful smile is one of the most well-known benefits of orthodontic treatment.

Whether your teeth were damaged due to an accident or due to how your teeth grew in, your orthodontist is not going to judge you. Your orthodontist is the best person to help guide you throughout your treatment and keep you on target and on track.   And if you are shy about wearing braces, don’t worry, your orthodontist can use invisible aligners such as Invisalign to straighten your teeth and create a healthy bite!

At Marda Loop Braces, we want to advance your success by building a bite that is long-lasting and healthy. We care deeply about you and we educate, guide and support every child, teen and adult using our knowledge and years of experience resulting in customized smiles you can confidently wear. We want to help you achieve the smile of your dreams, and once your smile is complete, we cannot wait to see what you do next!

Your orthodontist is your trusted specialist when it comes to fixing your bite and improving your smile.  Make sure you trust your smile to an Orthodontist specialist. You won’t regret it!

Interested in learning more about Orthodontic care or if Invisalign is right for you? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Chen at Marda Loop Braces by emailing  You can also call (587) 353-5667  or click our request appointment link from our website

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