Common Orthodontic Problems

Each Smile is Unique

Marda Loop Braces understand that every smile is unique, and so are the challenges that come with it. In this overview page we’ll dive into the most common orthodontic problems and how we can help you achieve a healthier, more confident smile.

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Boy witGive your child the gift of a healthy & confident bite! Choose Marda Loop for Calgary overbite correction.h upper teeth extending down over the lower teeth called an overbite or deep bite

Overbite / Deep Bite

When the upper front teeth excessively overlap the lower front teeth, it’s known as an overbite or deep bite. This can lead to excessive incisor wear and sometimes cause discomfort.

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Often confused with an overbite, overjet refers to the upper front teeth extending too far forward over the lower front teeth. This can be due to habits like thumb sucking, skeletal imbalances, or tooth stratification.

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An underbite occurs when the lower jaw extends out, causing the lower front teeth to sit in front of the upper front teeth. This can lead to jaw pain and issues with the upper jaw and function.

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Crowded Teeth

When there isn’t enough room in the jaw for all the teeth to fit comfortably, it results in crowded teeth. This can make it challenging to clean overlapping teeth’s surfaces, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

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Spacing Issues and Missing Teeth

Gaps between teeth, often due to missing teeth or excessive jaw room, can be both a cosmetic or aesthetic issue and a functional concern. Loss of baby teeth prematurely can also contribute to spacing problems.

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Protruding Front Teeth

A protrusion or crooked teeth, especially of the upper front teeth, can be caused by habits like thumb sucking or genetic factors. Protruding teeth are more susceptible to accidental chipping.

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A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth on one or both sides of the mouth. This can be in the front of the mouth (anterior crossbite) or the back (posterior crossbite). It can affect single or multiple teeth.

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Tongue Thrusting and Oral Habits

Habits like tongue thrusting and thumb sucking can lead to orthodontic problems such as open bite. Early intervention can help in redirecting the growth of the bottom jaw bone and teeth.

Open Bite

An open bite is when there’s a gap between the upper and the upper or lower jaw front teeth when the back teeth are closed together. Causes can include thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are teeth that haven’t erupted properly and remain below the gum line. This is often seen with wisdom teeth but can occur with any erupting teeth.

Jaw Misalignment

Misaligned jaw growth can lead to problems with jaw function, and jaw pain, and even require corrective jaw surgery. It can be due to genetics, injury, or developmental issues.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders

Issues with the jaw joints or TMJ can cause pain, headaches, and difficulty in opening and closing the mouth. Orthodontic treatment can help alleviate some of these symptoms.

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Other, Less Common Orthodontic Problems

Dental Midlines not Matched

Midlines are the “lines” between your two top teeth and two lower teeth. When the jaw is aligned properly, these lines match up. When they are not aligned vertically, it may mean that your bite is off which may negatively impact jaw, proper dental function, and the appearance of the teeth.

Impacted Canines

While any tooth can become impacted, canines are the most common teeth to get impacted after wisdom teeth. Early detection and orthodontic treatment can help in guiding the tooth to its correct position.

Rotated Teeth

When a tooth turns out of its position, it’s referred to as a rotated tooth. This can be due to the lack of space or the presence of an adjacent tooth causing pressure.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early treatment can prevent more severe problems in the future. It can make the process faster and less painful. For children, it can guide the jaw’s growth, correct harmful habits, and make room for permanent teeth.

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Adult Orthodontics

It’s never too late for orthodontic treatment. Many adults seek treatment for cosmetic reasons, but it’s also essential for overall dental health. With advancements in technology, there are now discreet options like clear braces and aligners.

Importance of Retainers

After the primary orthodontic treatment, retainers help in maintaining the new position of the teeth. They are crucial to prevent the teeth from going back to their previous positions.

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Next Steps

Orthodontic problems, if left untreated, can lead to more severe dental issues in the future. At Marda Loop Braces, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best care, ensuring that you not only have a beautiful smile but also a healthy one.

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