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Not happy about having to wear braces? Invisalign aligners give you a whole new way to wear braces for a “clearly” amazing smile!
Confidence starts with a smile! Rock your Calgary life with Invisalign Teen at Marda Loop Braces.

Getting the smile you love shouldn’t be awkward

I have enough to worry about… now I need braces too?

The team has a game this Friday night; graduation is in a month and what about my yearbook pictures?!

Want Invisalign treatment?

Don’t stress! With Invisalign Teen you won’t need to turn down any dates, wear a paper bag over your head or hide out in your room for two years!

Invisalign aligners are a perfect fit for your lifestyle, because aligners are:

  • Clear
  • Removable
  • Comfortable
  • Customized just for you
Straighten your teeth invisibly. Marda Loop's Invisalign Teen lets Calgary teens smile with confidence.
Eat, drink, & shine! Enjoy the freedom of Marda Loop's Invisalign Teen for discreet Calgary smiles.

Pizza, popcorn… no problem!

You’ve probably heard from friends that with braces you won’t be able to eat anything. With Invisalign Teen you can eat whatever you want!

Unlike traditional metal braces, your Invisalign aligners are removable, which means you can go ahead and eat all the things you love without worrying about breaking a bracket or loosing a rubber band. Cheers!

It’s your life, keep it that way!

A beautiful and healthy smile

Invisalign Teen aligners offer a fantastic solution for teenagers seeking a beautiful and healthy smile. This orthodontic treatment utilizes clear, removable aligners that are virtually invisible, making them a discreet option for teenagers concerned about the appearance of traditional braces. Invisalign aligners are designed specifically to address the unique needs of younger patients, taking into account their developing dentition and lifestyle. The aligners are custom-made for a comfortable fit and are easily removable, allowing teens to continue enjoying their favorite foods and activities without restrictions.

By straightening crooked or misaligned teeth, Invisalign Teen not only enhances the aesthetics of a teenager’s smile but also contributes to overall dental health. Straight teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. Invisalign Teen offers a convenient and effective solution, empowering teenagers to achieve a confident smile and maintain optimal oral health during this crucial stage of their lives.

Calgary teens, get the smile you deserve with Invisalign Teen's advanced teeth-straightening at Marda Loop.
Invest in your future smile. Choose Marda Loop's Invisalign Teen for confident & convenient Calgary smiles.

How is Invisalign Teen different from Invisalign?

Invisalign Teen was specially designed for the teenage you in mind. With optional colored dye indicator buttons built into the trays, doctors and parents can both monitor your progress to make sure that the Invisalign trays are being worn as directed.

If you think that you’ll be very self-conscious wearing braces, you play a musical instrument, or you play certain sports, Invisalign Teen may be good choice for you!

Invisalign aligners are comfortable and very durable. They fit in with any of your extracurricular activities. So whether you’re swimming the 50 meter race, you’re out on the field throwing the football, or you’re belting a solo in the school play, you don’t have to worry about your braces getting in the way!

Easy to clean and maintain

Invisalign Teen, the popular clear aligner system, offers discreet teeth straightening and also easy cleaning and maintenance. One of the advantages of Invisalign Teen is that the aligners can be easily removed, allowing for convenient oral hygiene routines. Unlike traditional braces, which can make brushing and flossing more challenging, Invisalign aligners can be taken out, allowing you to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums.

Simply remove the aligners before brushing and flossing, and clean your teeth as you normally would. You can easily reach all areas of your mouth, ensuring optimal oral hygiene. Also, the aligners themselves are easy to clean. Invisalign provides a cleaning system or you can simply use a soft toothbrush and lukewarm water to gently clean the aligners. By maintaining good oral hygiene practices and keeping your aligners clean, you can ensure a healthy and comfortable Invisalign treatment experience.

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Calgary teens, keep your Invisalign teen sparkling & clear with Marda Loop's easy cleaning methods.

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