Welcome to a new era of orthodontic care with SPEED braces!

Unlike traditional metal braces that use tiny elastic bands, SPEED braces utilize a cutting-edge ‘Spring Clip’ technology to straighten your teeth. This means fewer orthodontic visits, less discomfort, and a faster treatment plan.

Confident smiles made easy. Experience the comfort & efficiency of Marda Loop's SPEED braces.
SPEED up your smile transformation! Get straighter teeth faster than metal braces at Marda Loop.

Why Choose SPEED Braces Over Traditional Braces?

SPEED braces are typically 1/3 smaller than traditional braces, making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene. They apply consistent pressure through their built-in system, ensuring your teeth move to their desired positions more efficiently. Say goodbye to the hassles of rubber bands and metal ties!

SPEED Braces

Advanced Technology

The technology behind SPEED braces is nothing short of revolutionary. Manufactured by Hespeler Orthodontics Limited, a division of Strite Industries involved in aerospace technology, SPEED braces offer precision and efficiency that traditional braces can’t match.

Faster, gentler Calgary smiles. Choose Marda Loop's SPEED braces by Hespeler Orthodontics.
Confident smiles made easy. Experience the comfort & efficiency of Marda Loop's SPEED braces.

Cost and Insurance

Worried about what SPEED self ligating braces cost? At Marda Loop Braces, we offer various payment options and will work with your insurance provider to make sure you get the best possible treatment plan.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, our orthodontist will take x-rays and discuss your orthodontic issues to determine the best treatment options for you. Whether you have crowded teeth, misaligned teeth, or other orthodontic issues, SPEED braces could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Calgary smiles, redefined. Discover rapid results with SPEED braces at Marda Loop.
No time to wait! SPEED up your Calgary smile journey with Marda Loop Braces.

Go for SPEED

SPEED braces offer several benefits over traditional braces, from advanced technology to ease of oral hygiene.

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