Wax On, Wax Off

Orthodontic wax can be your best friend while you are in braces! Orthodontic wax can help protect your gums, the linings of your cheeks and your lips by creating a comfortable barrier.

When to Use

Orthodontic wax is great to use when you first get your braces put on, as it help reduce the discomfort of your gum as they get used to your braces. Orthodontic wax is also great to carry with you throughout your treatment just in case a wire or bracket starts to bother you.

How to Use

Make sure your hands are clean (wash them if you are unsure) Take a small piece of wax, about half of a size of a pea (less is more when it comes to orthodontic wax) Dry off wear you are going to place the wax with a tissue or paper towel (the wax will not stick if it is wet) Press the small ball of wax over the dried area that is causing the discomfort Rub the wax into place to ensure it sticks

Replace the wax as needed

About Orthodontic Wax

You can sleep with orthodontic wax on Orthodontic wax is not toxic, so if you [...] Read More

It’s Your Birthday!

I’ll never forget the one time it was one of our patient’s birthdays and we had put together a simple gift for her on the side table.  After the orthodontic adjustment visit was over, we said goodbye and the family left the office.  I turned around and realized that we had forgotten to give our surprise gift!  Kim, our orthodontic assistant swept up the package and chased after them down the hallway, turned sharp left and towards the elevator.  The family had just gotten in and the doors were closing when they saw Kim running towards them, calling and waving but CLUNK, the elevator doors shut tight!  Kim then ran down 3 flights of stairs to try to catch them on the way down at the ground floor, and then….I bet you can guess!  The family went down but then went back up!  Kim could see the lighted buttons climb their way back up slowly…..  So up she went, hightailing it up another 3 flights until she met them at the top floor, out of breath, but having enough air to say to the little girl,  “Happy birthday!  This is from all of us!  And the little smile she got [...] Read More

How an Orthodontist Can Change Your Family’s Live

You may already know that an orthodontist can help create beautiful straight smiles, but did you know, there are far more benefits from orthodontic treatment than you may think!

Orthodontic treatment involves changes in the jaw bones, facial bones and even the soft tissues of your mouth, for example, your lips may change as your teeth move into their new positions. 

Improved Eating Experiences

Orthodontic treatment creates healthier bites, which can improve chewing efficiency. Orthodontic treatment also allows for proper alignment between your upper and lower jaws.  You may notice that chewing becomes easier and more comfortable as your treatment progresses.

When teeth are spaced too close together or too far apart it increases the chances of bacteria growing between your teeth. Having your teeth properly aligned improves your oral health because it makes flossing and brushing your teeth easier.

Seven is the Magic Number!

Taking your kids to an orthodontist at an early age can be very beneficial for them as it can lower the potential 

need for surgery or teeth extraction later in life. Seven is the magic number! SevRead More

Ouch! My New Braces hurt! What do I do?

Braces Care 101:  What to expect with new braces

Imagine for a moment that you or your child just put on new braces Friday afternoon, you’re super excited but don’t know what to expect!  Will it be painful?  Will my teeth be sore?  For how long?  What’s normal and when should I be concerned?  Calgary Orthodontist Dr. Andrew Chen would like to share some key insights and helpful tips to help guide you through your first few days as you’re getting used to your brand new braces.

Know what’s normal

Everyone is different, but most people will need a normal “getting used to” period to adjust to the feeling of new braces.  General mouth soreness is not unusual, and this tends to get better with every day that goes by.  Children will definitely feel better and recover faster than adults, and we normally have kids in our office report back to us about feeling better in just under 3 days while adults often need about one week to get fully comfortable.

The most common feeling has to do with the active wires in the mouth.  The orthodontic wires used at your first few appointments have what’s known [...] Read More