Ouch! My New Braces hurt! What do I do?

Braces Care 101:  What to expect with new braces

Imagine for a moment that you or your child just put on new braces Friday afternoon, you’re super excited but don’t know what to expect!  Will it be painful?  Will my teeth be sore?  For how long?  What’s normal and when should I be concerned?  Calgary Orthodontist Dr. Andrew Chen would like to share some key insights and helpful tips to help guide you through your first few days as you’re getting used to your brand new braces.

Know what’s normal

Everyone is different, but most people will need a normal “getting used to” period to adjust to the feeling of new braces.  General mouth soreness is not unusual, and this tends to get better with every day that goes by.  Children will definitely feel better and recover faster than adults, and we normally have kids in our office report back to us about feeling better in just under 3 days while adults often need about one week to get fully comfortable.

The most common feeling has to do with the active wires in the mouth.  The orthodontic wires used at your first few appointments have what’s known [...] Read More