Wax On, Wax Off

Orthodontic wax can be your best friend while you are in braces! Orthodontic wax can help protect your gums, the linings of your cheeks and your lips by creating a comfortable barrier.

When to Use

Orthodontic wax is great to use when you first get your braces put on, as it help reduce the discomfort of your gum as they get used to your braces. Orthodontic wax is also great to carry with you throughout your treatment just in case a wire or bracket starts to bother you.

How to Use

  1. Make sure your hands are clean (wash them if you are unsure)
  2. Take a small piece of wax, about half of a size of a pea (less is more when it comes to orthodontic wax)
  3. Dry off wear you are going to place the wax with a tissue or paper towel (the wax will not stick if it is wet)
  4. Press the small ball of wax over the dried area that is causing the discomfort
  5. Rub the wax into place to ensure it sticks

Replace the wax as needed

About Orthodontic Wax

  1. You can sleep with orthodontic wax on
  2. Orthodontic wax is not toxic, so if you happen to sallow it you will be okay
  3. Wax will most likely fall off while you eat, we recommend taking off before eating and putting on a new piece after eating
  4. Try to not reuse wax, we have plenty of wax at our office for you, don’t worry about using it up!

Happy waxing!

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