It’s Your Birthday!

I’ll never forget the one time it was one of our patient’s birthdays and we had put together a simple gift for her on the side table.  After the orthodontic adjustment visit was over, we said goodbye and the family left the office.  I turned around and realized that we had forgotten to give our surprise gift!  Kim, our orthodontic assistant swept up the package and chased after them down the hallway, turned sharp left and towards the elevator.  The family had just gotten in and the doors were closing when they saw Kim running towards them, calling and waving but CLUNK, the elevator doors shut tight!  Kim then ran down 3 flights of stairs to try to catch them on the way down at the ground floor, and then….I bet you can guess!  The family went down but then went back up!  Kim could see the lighted buttons climb their way back up slowly…  So up she went, hightailing it up another 3 flights until she met them at the top floor, out of breath, but having enough air to say to the little girl,  “Happy birthday!  This is from all of us!  And the little smile she got from that 8 year old girl……..priceless!

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