Easy Financing

Braces are more affordable than you think! At Marda Loop Braces, we believe that the cost of braces should not be a barrier to achieving the perfect smile you deserve.  Obtaining the right treatment now will likely save you from more invasive or more costly alternatives in the future. Therefore, we work with the following programs to help make your smile a reality!


We offer in-office financing at No Interest (0%) and other interest plans featuring low monthly payments and/or no money down payment options to help with the cost of braces.


Many dental insurance plans cover Invisalign treatment just as they would other orthodontic treatments like metal or clear braces. Your orthodontic benefit is often a lifetime maximum, but can often be combined with a spouse’s insurance or an HSA plan. We can help prepare your insurance paperwork so that they can submit and get you reimbursed as soon as possible!


Did you know you can also use your Health Spending Account (HSA) toward orthodontic treatment? You can set your pretax dollars aside through your HSA and use those funds to help cover some of the costs of treatment. Then, you can submit your receipt to your HSA for reimbursement. This is the best way to use your TAX FREE dollars! Plus, you may be able to combine your insurance and HSA together for maximum benefits!


We support and can submit for Alberta Government Programs, such as NIHB, ADSC, Cleft Palate.


We offer discounts for our patients who pay-in-full, from our family discounts for siblings and parents who are also desiring treatment and our service discounts for our Canadian military service members.