A beautiful and healthy smile for everyone

At Marda Loop Braces we believe that it’s never too late to achieve a beautiful smile.

Oral health is a window into your overall health. Orthodontics can create a healthy, attractive smile and facial structure, fix problems such as misaligned teeth or difficulty chewing, and help you avoid tooth decay or loss by making them easier to clean.

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Early Treatment

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends making the first visit to the orthodontist no later than age 7.

Teen Orthodontics

There are more treatment options to fix misaligned teeth than ever before, including clear custom braces and clear aligners.

Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontics is not just for children and teens. In fact, 1 in every 5 patients in orthodontic treatment is an adult.

Senior Orthodontics

Orthodontics for seniors is not just a trend; it’s a health choice that can significantly improve your quality of life.

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