Meet Harvey

Half Hippo, Half Moose – All Smiles!

Harvey the Hippopotamoose is a friend to everyone at Marda Loop Braces

Harvey the Hippopotamoose at Marda Loop Braces

Have you ever met a Hippopotamoose before? At Marda Loop Braces, you’ll meet Harvey, our friendly resident Hippopotamoose! Originally from Banff National Park, Harvey moved to Calgary to seek out Dr. Chen to help him with his overbite and crooked front teeth!

After getting his braces put on and learning about what Dr. Chen does to help children in Calgary, Harvey volunteered to be our Official Orthodontic Mascot! Harvey and Dr. Chen share a passion for helping others and have become close friends and allies in promoting great oral health ever since!

Harvey’s job is to encourage our young patients to be a team player on the road to a fantastic new smile! That means brushing, flossing, applying your fluoride gel, and staying away from foods that may stick to or loosen your braces. Harvey also provides education on expanders, biteplates and more!

In his spare time, Harvey enjoys listening to hippo-hop music, visiting his friends at the Calgary Zoo, and watching re-runs of the Calgary Flames beating Montreal in the 1989 Stanley Cup!

Harvey’s motto is “At Marda Loop Braces, it’s COOL to be different! We are all unique in our own way so let’s get out there and SHINE!”

So make sure to snap a selfie with Harvey the next time you’re at Marda Loop Braces! He’ll be thrilled to see you!

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