Why Choose Us

At Marda Loop Braces, our philosophy centers around building Character and Confidence thru Positivity. We want you to consider Marda Loop Braces to be your ORTHODONTIC HOME.

We will provide a most thorough consultation and examination using our EIGHT ELEMENTS OF A HEALTHY BITE PHILOSOPHY to achieve TOTAL ORTHODONTIC HEALTH!

Our Eight Elements of a Healthy Bite

  • Teeth: Good teeth positions, teeth health, and normal biting forces (no grinding).
  • Jaws: Good jaw bone positions, jaw bone health and the direction of jaw growth is normal.
  • TMJ: The joints that make up the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and the disc are working properly and pain-free.
  • Muscles: The muscles of the face, the lips, the chin, the cheeks, and especially the tongue are all coordinating as they are meant to.
  • Airway: Nose Breathing instead of Mouth breathing. No Sleep Disturbances. No Airway obstructions.
  • Gums: Healthy gums mean healthy supporting bone underneath.
  • Growth: A Healthy Bite comes from proper facial growth and proper nutrition.
  • Proactive Smile Design: Did you know that the effects of aging are directly connected to your smile?

Our Commitment to You

We empower our patients to take part in customizing their treatment options, leading to trust in the doctor-patient relationship. That means fewer teeth extractions, more proactive solutions and a guided experience that can help your child gain maturity, discipline and increase their self-esteem.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Marda Loop Braces, you are guaranteed to receive your treatment by a Certified Specialist. Orthodontists dedicate themselves to an additional 24 to 36 months of University Education and Training giving them a greater knowledge regarding your bite, and your face growth and development. Dr. Andrew Chen is committed to staying up to date with the latest orthodontic technology and procedures to make sure your bite and teeth look and feel their best. Our thorough sterilization process and our use of digital X-Rays significantly reduces the amount of radiation emitted.

Our Coordinated Process

When you are receiving orthodontic treatment, the process should be anything but daunting or overwhelming! At Marda Loop Braces, we make every stage of the process seamless and stress-free. Dr. Chen offers  No Cost Consultations and Exams (includes oral cancer screening), plus Family Discounts for Siblings and Parents of patients to help make treatment more affordable and within reach. We also offer flexible 0% interest payment plans to meet your financial needs, and we correspond with your general dentist to update them on your treatment progress. Let us focus on the paperwork, so YOU can focus on your new smile!

Our Comfortable Setting for Grown Ups

Our Internet Cafe features free WiFi, Apple iMac computers, and iPads, so you can stay connected to what matters to you most, whether it’s work or play! Enjoy yourself at our complimentary tea and coffee bar in our lobby or you can take your beverage with you and relax with a good book watching the sunset on our balcony.

Where Kids Can Be Kids!

Our fun, friendly and family-focused office creates an environment where patients of all ages are welcome at Marda Loop Braces. Your little ones will be filled with WONDER as they come through our exclusive “ML Braces KIDZ Door”, be AMAZED at our LEGO creations, and even show their CREATIVE side by building a LEGO square to add to our beautiful mosaic wall. Don’t forget to snap a selfie with Harvey, our Hippopotamoose mascot! Dr. Chen has a terrific rapport with kids and teens that they will be sure to warm up quickly to his sense of humor and gentle, caring approach.

We love to give back!

Whether it’s thru our school team sponsorship programs, our charitable work or our community events, we are always looking for ways to support others in need. If you want to see what we’re doing now and where we’re up to next, make sure to Like Us on Facebook or Sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with our monthly contests, drawings, and giveaways and future or upcoming events.